Forthcoming Events

GLIDER LOAN – read about the fun Nora and JAL have had in 2019 in an S&G coming shortly.  Meanwhile, if you could really do with a glider to fly in 2020 but can’t afford to buy, you can apply for a loan here: Glider Loan

WWGC2021 – Plans for the 2021 Women’s Worlds at HusBos are progressing!  Read the latest here

BRITISH GLIDING TEAM for WWGC2019 – the competition starts after Christmas but the gliders have arrived and the team are arriving for training as we speak.  See the latest from Ayala, Claudia and Liz at

You can donate to their crowdfunding effort towards the cost of competing here

AVIATION AMBASSADORS – the team along with Junior World Champion Jake Brattle have all recently been appointed Aviation Ambassadors for the Department for Transport’s Reach for the Sky programme.  We’re really excited about the opportunities this gives us to bring gliding to the wider public, and the wider public to gliding!



GLIDER LOAN  – Change of plan for closing date – now 10 Feb.  Change of plan for who can apply – no longer restricted to Juniors.  Read more at

2019 Women Coaching Programme unveiled

Building on the success of the 2018 programme, Team WGUK have just announced the 2019 Women Coaching Programme.  This kicks off on March 9/10 at The Gliding Centre, HusBos with an all-comers [mostly] ground-based weekend of fun, hot tips and advice on setting realistic plans for your gliding in 2019, whatever your experience level.  This is followed by XC coaching events for pilots at all levels.  See more here.


Wow – what a Summer!!! 

Coming soon – Women’s Winter Weekends and 2019 Coaching Programme, Women in Gliding – What’s your Story?…read on…

The WGUK website has been very quiet whilst everyone’s been busy soaring and making the most of the glorious long summer we’ve just had – but things have been happening all summer long and here’s a quick review.  There are THREE things it would be great if you could do to help maintain the project momentum.

The Women Coaching Programme has been very successful – read S&G for the write-ups and great feedback!!! – and we’d like to thank the Ted Lys Trust for their support to make this possible.  Right now we’re collecting people’s requests as to what you’d like the programme to offer in 2019.  We’re just in the process of sorting out the winter programme and coaching for 2019, so completing the form at is the first thing…  Event dates will be shared here as soon as they are organised.

Alison Randle and Liz Sparrow presented a Women Project update at the BGA Management Conference on 28 October.  Detail is on the Women Gliding Project page.  The more help we get with this, the more we can make a difference, so if you can spare even just an hour or so, please email and tell us what you’d like to help with.  We’re particularly looking for club reps so if you’d be prepared to be a Coordinator, shout up!  That’s the second thing…

Women Baseline Survey results are also on the Women Gliding Project page.  We got a really great response to the survey – around a quarter of active UK female glider pilots responded and we also got good representation from those who have given up gliding – with vital information as to why – and from overseas clubs.  Thanks to Alison Mulder and Maureen Weaver for help with the analysis.  Thus the third thing we’d like you to do is encourage your club committee to read, absorb and act upon the learning.

And finally, Women in Gliding – What’s your Story?  Why do you glide? What is it about gliding that inspires you?  We are collecting women’s stories which we will use to inspire other women to Give Gliding a Go.  Share your story at

OK, it was four things.  But hey, that’s a detail…

STOP PRESS: IGC award 2021 Women’s World Championship to UK

Our bid to hold the Women’s Worlds at HusBos in August 2021 is successful!!  Congrats to the bid team – now the hard work really starts.  Polish your leading edges and watch this space!

SPRING SOARING WEEKEND IS POSTPONED.  Current forecast suggests it won’t be possible to get up Sutton Bank so rather than risk it, we will reschedule.  We will post revised date on all media as soon as it’s rearranged.

Women Coaching Programme – now taking bookings – all info is here

Women Pilot Survey – please encourage all women pilots – active pilots, those who are no longer gliding, those who have taken a trial lesson and not continued – to complete the survey at

Women Gliding Project – 2nd meeting was 22 Jan 2018 8pm –  See notes at Women Gliding Project

Next meeting: after flying finishes for the day at the Sutton Bank Spring Weekend – Saturday 3 March time probably 5pm.

2018 Coaching programme launched!! – see here

There is something to encourage women pilots of all levels in the 2018 coaching plan – we’d really love to see you at one of these events.  Details are currently being finalised but you can SAVE THE DATES in your diaries now and email to let us know you’re interested.