Forthcoming Events

GLIDER LOAN – read about the fun Nora and JAL have had in 2019 in an S&G coming shortly.  For 2020 JAL the mighty Ka6 has found a new temporary home, more to come on that soon!

WWGC2021 – Plans for the 2021 Women’s Worlds at HusBos are progressing!  Read the latest here

BRITISH GLIDING TEAM for WWGC2019 – the competition starts after Christmas but the gliders have arrived and the team are arriving for training as we speak.  See the latest from Ayala, Claudia and Liz at

You can donate to their crowdfunding effort towards the cost of competing here

AVIATION AMBASSADORS – the British Women’s Gliding Team along with Junior World Champion Jake Brattle have all recently been appointed Aviation Ambassadors for the Department for Transport’s Reach for the Sky programme.  We’re really excited about the opportunities this gives us to bring gliding to the wider public, and the wider public to gliding!