Forthcoming Events

Note – closing date 27 March 2017 – get writing that application!

NEW – Compette at Sutton Bank 10/11 June 2017.  See Facebook and  GREAT FUN WEEKEND COMP!!
  • SECOND WOMEN’S TRAINING CAMP 5-13 August at the Bicester Regionals
– after the huge success of the Training Camp in 2016, all women pilots wanting to improve their XC and racing skills are invited to join us in 2017.  Bicester have once again made the offer of reduced entry fees for women so we encourage you all to come along, take part, race and learn 🙂

How it works – we will be briefing, coaching and doing a debrief/trace analysis after flying. We hope to have some two-seaters available if we can blag them. You need to enter the comp – reduced entry fee for women pilots. WGUK encourages you to get your entry in early before the places fill up!  If you are hoping to fly 2-seat, you don’t need to enter but you need to let us know to put you on a list of P2s – fees will be split amongst those participating.
We hope to encourage all women to move their XC flying on to the next level and so:
1) If you’re a hardened XC pilot, enter now, come along and share tips and try to thrash the pants off the rest of us. We hope that advanced 2-seat coaching will be available prior to the comp.
2) If you have a glider to fly and have your XC endorsement, or will have by August, please make your own entry – we will still offer coaching support but you will get much more out of it by doing at least some flying in your own glider. 2-seater coaching will still be available either before or during the Training Camp. If flying a comp feels scary, reframe your position – it’s not a comp, it’s flying XC at a coaching week.
3) If you don’t have a glider to fly but have your XC endorsement, can you hire or borrow one from your club? Try that, and if you get nowhere, contact us and we’ll see if we can blag one for you.
4) If you don’t have your XC endorsement yet, can you get it by August? We can help you make a plan for this if you post a request on the Facebook page.  Meanwhile, put yourself on the two-seater list.
5) If you aren’t likely to have your XC endorsement, then book the leave and sign up for a two-seater place. Send an email to to let us know this is what you want with ‘2seater request’ as the title.


  • FLY-PINK 2017

A great offer from our Italian friends to include entry to the Ferrara Cup which is the week before Fly-Pink if you enter them both.  Definitely worth the scenic drive over the Alps 🙂  Email us for the details and check it out from this link:


Posted by FLY PINK Italy on Monday, 24 October 2016

Getting More Women into Gliding – what you can do to help

We’re trying to come up with a one-pager to give people pointers about this.  There’s a draft here, Getting more Women into Gliding – what you can do to help comments please to


Running a Women Go Gliding Day this summer?

See the report and resources from the successful Cotswold Gliding Club WGGD here


BWPA 2016 Bursaries – apply by 16 April see

Women Go Gliding days – read about the recent very successful day at Cambridge on Facebook here.

…if you’d like to contact us please send a mail to our “info@” mail address (domain see WGUK URL).