NYR Day 2 Dry January??

No no, not referring to alcohol, just wondering if it will stop raining… It did yesterday of course so my prep included going for a run.  Readers from last year will remember I’d just taken up running and was working through the ‘muppet to olympic athlete in just 6 weeks’ training programme*.  Although I was relatively fit from mountain walking, I found running a very different kettle of fish – although once the initial ‘oh-my-god I’m going to die’ lack of breathing was conquered I started to enjoy it.  Still doing it – probably doing me good, definitely enjoying it!

*For the avoidance of doubt, Usain Bolt can only manage 100m whereas I can do 5k!!!

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One comment on “NYR Day 2 Dry January??
  1. Claudia says:

    Things I learnt about trotting today: Light drizzle is pleasant (knew that already). Heavy rain is not pleasant. Horizontal hail is quite painful. Strong wind on rain-soaked clothes is quite cold. And afterwards the skin turns bright red and doesn’t know if it feels cold or hot.

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