National Women Go Gliding Day

Cotswold Gliding Club ran a WGGD in June 2016 and their write-up and resources are here:

Report…CGC Women Go Gliding Weekend 1

Poster…  Women Go Gliding Weekend 2  …

Press release… CGC Women Go Gliding Weekend 3

WGGDs at LASHAM 27/28 JUNE 2015
The WomenGlide UK group are organising Women Go Gliding days around the UK. Lasham is holding their event on 27/28 June 2015. The objective is to encourage more women to take up the sport.
On the weekend of 27/28 June 2015 we will cater for experienced, lapsed and trial flight women pilots. WGUK members, friends and followers, please come along and join in. We ask you encourage all your female friends, colleagues and family to attend this weekend and get in the air. We will have a poster/leaflet you can use to send to your contacts or put up at your place of work etc.
Some great incentives that weekend:
WGGD trial flights at £50 on Sat 27th
LGS reciprocal membership waived for the day
Barbeque on Saturday evening and a Charity raffle prize draw.
Free 1-year WGUK membership for all women pilots who fly during the weekend
WGGD Trial flight includes
· 1 Month’s membership to Lasham
· 1 aerotow to 2500ft
· Discounted WGUK 1-year membership

For the last couple of years, increasing numbers of gliding clubs have been running days specifically aimed at attracting women to gliding.  On this page we have a number of resources to help clubs who want to do this – posters and publicity materials, suggested plans for the day, intro packs to send out to those booking slkentwggdots etc.  Thanks to the team who put this together based on what they’ve learnt by running WGGDs!

In 2015 there is no specific date for clubs to hold WGGDs – do it whenever it’s good for your club.  Please do read the suggestions on how to make it a success and please do let us know what worked for you and what didn’t prove so successful.  Email us at with any questions and feedback.

Thinking of running a Women Go Gliding Day

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  1. Adam Gilmore says:

    Just in case no one at Hus Bos is getting involved please keep me on your email list. Best of Luck. Adam