Objectives for 2014

One of the sessions in the Winter Development meeting at Dunstable yesterday was about setting yourself achievable and measurable objectives for the season.

If you want to share your objectives for 2014 then why not add them in a comment on this page?
That way you can take inspiration from other people’s objectives and also refer back to your objectives throughout the year.

You don’t have to log in to add a comment, and your mail address won’t appear either. You can use your real name or a nickname. And if you want other people’s inputs then you can ask them to reply to your comments.

We’ll just keep an eye on the comments to make sure they don’t get hijacked by some spammers who want to sell us bizarre things.

Ah – which reminds me of the weeing discussion! 🙂 – All the info on that is here at the moment.

3 comments on “Objectives for 2014
  1. Saz Reed says:

    After the winter talk day yesterday and finally getting into the air today…..I’ve decided that my main objective of this year is planning! From planning my preparation for the season, to planning a flight and the task ahead and the main objective of planning my next move along a cross country to get the best out of the weather around a task! My focus will be route selection.

  2. Beverley says:

    My objective at this time of year is working on my judgement of under and overshooting for my landings. So i can tighten up my landings in case i need to land in any strange fields!

  3. Susie says:

    My aim is to get used to flying the K6 and then get working on my silver in time for the junior nationals. I like Saz’s objective too… planning! It can only help…