Objectives for 2016

As in previous years, one of the items we talked about in this year’s winter development day  was the benefit of setting yourself achievable and measurable objectives for the season.

If you want to share your objectives for 2016 then why not add them in a comment on this page?
That way you can take inspiration from other people’s objectives and also refer back to your objectives throughout the year.

You don’t have to log in to add a comment, and your mail address won’t appear either. You can use your real name or a nickname. And if you want other people’s inputs then you can ask them to reply to your comments.

We’ll just keep an eye on the comments to make sure they don’t get hijacked by some spammers who want to sell us bizarre things.


3 comments on “Objectives for 2016
  1. Claudia Krehl says:

    Hi all, I have big plans for this year 🙂

    1) Compete in the Bicester Regionals
    2) Fly a 300km task
    3) Become an instructor or at least start the process

    I’ve said it now, so I better get working on it 😀

  2. Rebecca Bryan says:

    I’ll get the ball rolling here. I’m sure those that follow will be more carefully thought out and be more measurable, achievable, and realistic.

    For 2015 my key goals were ” build hours in the back of K21s on BI flights, not to be as conservative, and generally to fly more.”

    I did spend a lot of time in the back of K21s, well mostly KFY, on BI flights. BI flights and Duo flights accounted for most of my 2015 flying, although I didn’t fly the T21 (Bluebell) even once, and only flew HER (my 19) once.

    This year I want to continue to build hours, again as a mix of BI flights and Duo flights – but this year the 19 and T21 are hopefully going to figure more. Our T21 trailer is now roadworthy and the Bluebell syndicate is determined to get The Bell back. I think it’s at Hus Bos at present. Could be fun.. or it could be cold.. followed by a field landing in a 65 year old glider and a de-rig requiring 6 people.
    Some self belief stuff to deal with too.

    No comp this year.

    First, I need to get current, and get rid of this cold.

  3. Rebecca Bryan says:

    I thought I’d post an update on how my 2016 goals are coming along.
    It’s a month since I was able to do my annual checks, over 3 days I did about 8 hours flying – 5 of which were in the Duo. We recently finished the annual on Bluebell ( T21), I refitted the ailerons and did a number of repairs to the fuse and tail.
    After a check flight I gave 2 more people their 1st open cockpit flight, which was great fun with big silly grins all round! 5 Bluebell flights in one afternoon/evening, with the obligatory daft flying helmet.

    There are at least 3 new Bluebell syndicate members now, and talk of getting the Blue Bell back.

    I haven’t had HER (asw19) out of the trailer yet, although she has flown.

    Last night we had a corporate evening, 4 gliders in use for 15 visitors so we got through in no time. I did 4 trial flights, 3 of the 5 women visitors flew with me, then a hangar flight (1st this year)

    Tomorrow there are 5 trial flights lined up, 4×2000′ and 1×3000′ aerotows.

    I’m happy to be current and flying again, P1 in the Duo again is on the cards soon, lots of BI flights coming up. Things are good, and I guess ‘to plan’.

    How about your 2016 goals?

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