Women Gliding Project

This project is inspired by publication of the BGA’s revised strategy which says that by 10-20 years from now we should achieve “Demographic profile of membership converging closely with that of UK adult population, particularly in respect of age and gender.”  So – this is our official opportunity to think hard about what we can do to encourage more women to do more gliding and we’ve set up a project with 7 workstreams which cover just about each element of gliding:

Workstream 1: Getting new women onto the airfield – action lead Ali Carpenter

Workstream 2: Keeping inexperienced pilots in gliding – action leads Kristina Samuels / Joey Beard

Workstream 3: Post-solo to competent cross country pilot/instructor – action leads Rebecca Bryan /Julia Robson

Workstream 4: Elite Coaching to International Level – action leads Ayala Truelove / Liz Sparrow

Workstream 5: Regional champion / coordinator structure – action lead Katherine York

Workstream 6: Marketing and Fundraising – action lead Liz Sparrow (for now) / Sarah Platt

Workstream 7: Women’s world championship 2021 – action leads Ayala Truelove / Liz Sparrow


Notes from second meeting here – some good progress happening! :

Women gliding project meeting 22 Jan 2018v0 2

Notes from the first meeting plus additional feedback from BGA Development lead Dave Latimer:

Women gliding project meeting 29 Nov 2017 v0 1 DL comments

Next meeting date tba.  Email info@womenglide.co.uk for joining instructions if you are not already on the list.

Here is Ali Carpenter’s problem statement document as updated at the meeting:

Women Gliding Project v0 2

Most background files are now being kept on the Women Gliding Project Slack sharing site.  Email us if you haven’t yet joined and want to be involved.