Forthcoming Events – Corona Edition

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While we can’t fly or meet up with our mates in real life, there are other things we can do, some organised by clubs, some by the BGA, some we can do ourselves. If you can think of anything else, let us know!

CONDOR FLYING (or: Keep your distance with Cloudy and Mel)

A number of us use the gliding simulator software Condor 2 and a half-decent joystick to keep flying, at least virtually.

Condor 2 seems to be the most popular gliding simulator, there’s a multiplayer option, and there are some organised club races going on (more info see below).

And now there’s also a Women Glide version! Come flying with Mel, Cloudy and others in the Alps and other interesting places, for a bimble, or a race, and use Discord for the radio chatter.

If you’re not sure about Condor or how to check your computer and graphics card, this short document will hopefully guide you through it:

“WG UK” server:

This server should always be available for us to drop in and fly on, it’s not just a task set for a specific time. Password is WG
Simply click on Join, open Condor.
In the Multiplayer window enter the password and click Join again.
In the Flight Planner – Join window feel free to have a look at all the tabs at the top (you probably can’t change much, though, except maybe the glider type), then select Join flight.

Condor software and system requirements:

Discord WGUK chat:


Update – 24th April – more subjects have been added!

There’s also a radio course for glider pilots, more info on that same page.



London Gliding Club is running a number of online events, some are open to non-members. More info here:

The Gliding Centre is hosting simulator gliding races in Condor 2 every other day:

GLIDER LOAN – read about the fun Nora and JAL have had in 2019 in an S&G coming shortly.  For 2020 JAL the mighty Ka6 has found a new temporary home, more to come on that soon!

WWGC2021 – Plans for the 2021 Women’s Worlds at HusBos are progressing!  Read the latest here

AVIATION AMBASSADORS – the British Women’s Gliding Team along with Junior World Champion Jake Brattle have all recently been appointed Aviation Ambassadors for the Department for Transport’s Reach for the Sky programme.  We’re really excited about the opportunities this gives us to bring gliding to the wider public, and the wider public to gliding!