You can now join WGUK!

WGUK is open to all and you don’t have to join to attend WGUK events.  But if you want to support a good cause aimed at getting more women doing more gliding, why not join us, get a warm glow AND improve your gliding?  Funds are used to hire gliders for WGUK training events, support young people who are short of cash for aerotows and so on.

Think it’s not for you as we’re all comp pilots? Wrong!  Those of us who started WGUK are comp pilots, so we’re now looking for volunteers to help develop other communities within WGUK – for those just learning, for instructors, for those who are happier upside down.  Please – get in touch, get involved.

Not sure about ‘women only’ events?  We share this worry and that’s why although we target women, our events are open to all and men are WGUK members and friends, and take part in and help run our development events.

Why should men bother?  Getting more women doing more gliding is an issue for everyone in the sport.  Currently only 5% of glider pilots are women and it’s less in some clubs.  So,  club committees  – to double your membership, recruit as many female as you have male members.

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  1. I tried joining in June and set up a recurring annual payment, but have heard nothing from you.

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