Women Gliding Project

Update – Alison Randle and Liz Sparrow presented an update at the BGA Management Conference – full details are in the report below.  Perhaps the most important part was to feed back the results of the Women Baseline Survey which represented the views of around a quarter of active pilots plus a load who no longer fly – we hope clubs will use this information to increase the number of women flying at their site.  A highlight during the summer has been the successful coaching programme which has inspired a number of women to fly XC further and faster.  We launched two new initiatives – ‘What’s your story?’ collecting stories from those who are already gliding which we will use to inspire others, and a Women’s Network of coordinators at clubs around the country – will you help by being a club rep?

This project is inspired by publication of the BGA’s revised strategy which says that by 10-20 years from now we should achieve “Demographic profile of membership converging closely with that of UK adult population, particularly in respect of age and gender.”  So – this is our official opportunity to think hard about what we can do to encourage more women to do more gliding and we’ve set up a project with 7 workstreams which cover just about each element of gliding:

Workstream 1: Getting new women onto the airfield – action lead – volunteer needed!

Workstream 2: Keeping inexperienced pilots in gliding – action leads Kristina Samuels / Joey Beard

Workstream 3: Post-solo to competent cross country pilot/instructor – action leads Rebecca Bryan /Julia Robson

Workstream 4: Elite Coaching to International Level – action leads Ayala Truelove / Liz Sparrow

Workstream 5: Regional champion / coordinator structure – action lead Katherine York

Workstream 6: Marketing and Fundraising – action lead Liz Sparrow (for now) / Sarah Platt

Workstream 7: Women’s world championship 2021 – action leads Ayala Truelove / Liz Sparrow


Round-up after summer 2018 is here:

Women Gliding Project Update Oct 2018

And importantly here are the results of the Women Baseline Survey – in report form Women baseline survey results summary v1 1 and as a Powerpopint presentation Women Baseline Survey summary c

We’d ask you all to encourage your club management to read, absorb and act upon the learning from the survey.

Here’s the updated list of things clubs can do to encourage women into gliding Getting more Women into Gliding – what you can do to help 1 3


Notes from second meeting here – some good progress happening! :

Women gliding project meeting 22 Jan 2018v0 2

Notes from the first meeting plus additional feedback from BGA Development lead Dave Latimer:

Women gliding project meeting 29 Nov 2017 v0 1 DL comments

Next meeting date tba.  Email info@womenglide.co.uk for joining instructions if you are not already on the list.

Here is Ali Carpenter’s problem statement document as updated at the meeting:

Women Gliding Project v0 2

Most background files are now being kept on the Women Gliding Project Slack sharing site.  Email us if you haven’t yet joined and want to be involved.